Beer belly in girls

The beer gut isn’t exclusively for The Boys!  Girls with beer bellies are

often referred to as having a Muffin Top.

If you have admittedly built more of a beer belly than abs lately. It’s time

for a change. It’s easy to break good health habits and get caught up in the

thrill of never-ending parties. Here’s how to get rid of those beer bellies.


Too Much Drinking?

Beer guts aren’t just a guy’s problem. Women who drink a large amount of

beer can also get them too. Sadly, it’s more than a question of appearance.

Stomach fat is the most perilous kind. It leads to lifestyle disorders like

diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, Heart problems etc. A few

lifestyle changes and a good exercise program can make any girl’s beer belly

her past. The first order of business is to take an intense look at your

beer intake.


If you are drinking enough beer that you’ve seen significant weight gain in

the abdominal region, it’s safe to say you may need to cut back on the beer

and other alcohol intake. Beer contains an average of 155 calories per each

350ml or per glass, even though it varies according to brand. If you drink

only two beers you have taken in an additional 300 calories. Make that four

beers and you have added an extra 600 calories to your diet. This doesn’t

even count the pizza, chips and other junk food that most people eat with

their beer. So if you’ve made a decision to try a change in the way in which

you look, and you really want to lose that beer belly, it’s time to lose the


Now that you have made a decision to cut back or cut out the beer, you’ll

need to find a way to tone up that belly. You can’t do a hundred crunch a

day and expect results. Spot reduction is one of the biggest lies of this

generation. First you have got to burn the additional fat that you’ve

acquired in the belly area through cardio and decreased calorie intake. Then

tone up those muscles which lie beneath the fat layer through some kind of

strength coaching that targets the core area.


Cardio Exercise.

If you have extra fat to lose in the belly area, you’ll need to burn fat

through cardiovascular exercise. After cutting out the beer, cardio is the

most significant factor in losing girls’ beer bellies. If you are a seasoned

exerciser, try interval training (HIIT) to burn more fat than moderate

cardiovascular alone. This is just done by varying the power or intensity of

your cardio workout or sprints many times in the session. This increases the

calorie burn of the workout. The more calories burned, the more fat that’s

lost. Interval training can be incorporated into any kind of cardio,eg

running, walking, or riding a bicycle, cross trainer or even swimming.


If you haven’t been exercising, I would suggest start slow and slowly

increase the intensity as an when your body is able to take it. Initially

target the duration and then increase the intensity.

Concentrate on exercising the Core

If your goal is losing a beer belly, you will have to find strength training

exercises that tone the core area. This is the area of the body that

contains the stomach, back, and all round the waist. Pilates is one of the

finest core toning systems of exercise. Pilates is superb for losing girls’

beer bellies as you can participate no matter what your fitness level. You

could also try your hands on functional training, which involves a lot of

your core muscles. You’ll tone and stretch all the muscles of the core, and

once that extra fat is gone, you’ll reveal sexy and robust abs. Nobody will

ever guess you ever had a beer belly!


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